Where Do Relationships With No Future Come From? 2022

Futureless relationships are commonplace Where Do Relationships and are never planned. Since sitting in the same bench with a girl ceases to be a punishment, we imagine ourselves in cool rock’n’roll relationships. We enter them not seeing ourselves in the scenes from movies in which people fight for each other, have time for themselves, talk, do not collect trauma and always say the right sentences at SharekAlomre the right moment. And then we live in a real world where things can fall apart like accidentally knocked dominoes. In it, relationships rarely reflect our imaginations. Rather, they are a caricature of a mirror cabinet.

If you think about it, it is one of the greatest mysteries of mankind (next to the question of how someone can make someone laugh at Mazurian Cabaret Night). Why? Because we all want happiness, support and sex for each other using the countertop in the kitchen, and we end up in relationships that are everything, but not what they were meant to be.

What influences it?

First, the mistakes of youth – Where Do Relationships

It is said that the first pancake always has to be thrown into the trash. Honestly, I don’t know much about pancakes, but I’m pretty good at mastering different competences and that phrase fits them well.

Before you learn anything, you will make mistakes . It just is. This includes painting, filming, playing ping-pong, and growing orchids. It is no different for compounds with biochemical machinery, but also for solid skills that no one is born with. Some of them can be taken out of family homes. You have to learn the others yourself. However, it always requires effort, learning and effort from us.

And there would be nothing wrong with that, if not for the fact that many people do not give themselves a chance. Surrounded by people who think that relationships must be entered into as early as possible, they become charged into relationships without a future. Relationships that they do not want, for which they are not ready and in which they feel bad. What is what, but that sounds more like a recipe for disaster than success.

Where Do Relationships With No Future Come From?

Second, permanent makeshift

There are people in front of whom you only have a loud “Wow!” Sometimes they are replaced by the sentence: “God! Not that! ”. There are also times between the SharekAlomre two states where you think, “Ok, we can try. It’ll be fun for a while. It’s not permanent.

And yes, relationships without a future are rarely permanent, but also rarely only for a moment. Most often they are in between – they last for years, bland and not seasoned, but safe and secure . Bad enough to take a few high points from life satisfaction, but good enough to repeat the mantra “It’s not bad, is it?”

Unfortunately, no one told us that just as tape repairs are extremely durable, other elements of our lives also tend to do so. You have to choose more carefully what to fill them with.

Third, the social decay of courage – Where Do Relationships

Bertrand Russell is known to be a count (which was not up to him), a philosopher (which was up to him) and to write the sentence: “It is sad that fools are so confident and wise people are so full of doubts.” It is clearly visible in the reports. By entering them, we do not choose from the entire pool of potential partners, but from a very limited group of those to whom we have access. Some men have found that sex is a matter of statistics based on this. If you approach enough women (and take care of yourself at least a little by the way), you will never have an empty bed. And it doesn’t really matter how long-term you treat the other person or what you actually represent yourself.

So if women ask themselves questions from the series: “Why do I always hit assholes?”, One answer is that they choose partners only from those who are most accessible – they strive for them, but or they do not care about creating a successful relationship or they can’t do it. These are the counterparts of captivating ads for extremely low-cost products that you only buy because they’re on the top shelf.

Fourth, statistics

Let’s make an assumption. You are ambitious, educated person, earn at least the national average, go to the gym and take care of yourself in various aspects. You are not ideal, but you are working on yourself. Do you have this image in your head? Now look around the world. And how? Are there many such people? Of course a lot, but many more have only expectations, not achievements. They have enormous potential for change, but let’s face it – you don’t date the potential, but the person you are now. This means that choosing a partner is a bit like shopping at a flea market, when in search of a real gem, you choose among earless cups, broken cutlery and damaged chairs. Under these conditions, there will always be more relationships without a future than fantastic relationships.

Fifth and most importantly, it is about trust – Where Do Relationships

And it’s not about trusting yourself. Nor am I talking about trusting the other person. It’s about trusting the world, because continuing the comparison to a flea market, you have to believe that you can find not only defective and redundant items, but also gems. That there is someone out there who will want you, not you, in the premium version, free from blemishes and bugs. Someone who will laugh at the same jokes. Whom your quirks will be cute. Someone who can tell you what he was like. When he was a chubby kid and what he is afraid of now. Someone who will sincerely take pride in your successes and efforts.

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To come across such a person, you need to know that quality is governed by completely different. Rules than quantity and understand. That even if someone found such a gem at once, it is not a rule, because what is good usually takes time. Without this attitude, you will either come out empty-handed or end up compromising, With yourself, and compromise is never synonymous with the word “win”. Much more often, it only means failure.

There is a saying that money on the stock exchange goes from active to patient people. The same is true of relationships. Ultimately, not those who bond quickly, but those who can wait longer for a good person, win in them.

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