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If you’re single and struggling with it, signing up with Profile on Dating Sites the best dating site can maximize your chances of meeting a partner , whether it’s for a short or long-term relationship. 22% of French people are registered on dating sites such as Meetic, eDarling, Elite encounter or even Adopteunmec, and 1/3 of encounters lead to lasting relationships. But to put the odds on your side, it is YourChristianDate important to take good care of your profile on dating sites! Here’s how.

How to Take Care of Your Virtual Identity?

Optimizing your profile starts as soon as you register. Indeed, it is important to choose a serious nickname: avoid “sexygirl1986” and other nicknames borrowed from your teenager. If you want to remain anonymous, you can always find a way without resorting to seen and reviewed nicknames. Be aware that the nickname will be the first thing people will see, so it should reflect your personality!

Your virtual identity then goes through your profile description. The ideal size for a description is rather short without being expeditious, between 100 and 200 words. Studies have shown that the use of certain words can boost the number of messages you receive: for men, there are “divorce”, “separation”, “my ex” as well as references to children; while for women these words are discouraged.

The style used to write your profile description must be sincere, clear and pleasant to read. Do not scatter yourselves, re-read, and track down spelling and grammar errors, prohibitive!

Also fill in your areas of interest. It has been proven that profiles indicating that they like sports or reading are 20% more likely to receive messages than others! However, be yourself and don’t lie about your interests to appear “cool”. It will be known one day or another! It’s important to stand out: don’t say you like cats and Star Wars, it’s cliché! Talk about what makes you specific and be precise: YourChristianDate don’t say that you like cinema, but say that you like auteur cinema, or the films of this or that director…

Finally, write a few lines on what you are looking for: the type of relationship, of partners, its geographical location… Do not be too general, but not too specific either, because you could miss an interesting meeting or pass for a complicated person.

How Can I Improve My Profile on Dating Sites?

How to Take Care of Your Profile Picture? – Profile on Dating Sites

Taking care of your profile also means taking care of your photo. This is what potential partners will look at first.

First rule to respect: you MUST put a photo. A profile without a photo is shady, to the point that some sites make the profile photo mandatory.

A good quality photo will attract you more messages. By good quality photo, we mean a photo taken indoors (a study showed that women who take photos indoors would receive 60% more messages!), on a light background, and which highlights you (good brightness, smile, etc.). A full-length photo is recommended (it would increase the possibility of being contacted by more than 200%!).

Avoid posing with your animals or with someone else, and if you are a man, avoid selfies, which are not appreciated by women.

Of course, avoid photos that are too daring, even pornographic. According to the site, this type of photo can go very badly! Especially since most sites verify and filter the photos.

How to Treat his Messages? – Profile on Dating Sites

To have an attractive profile, you must also use an approach strategy consistent with your profile. Thus, your messages must be neat: no spelling and grammar errors, no boat phrases that you copy and paste for everyone. Personalize your messages and choose your words. A study has shown that the words “dinner”, “aperitif”, “lunch” from the first message are very well perceived by men and increase the chances of receiving a response by more than 70%!

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The same goes for sweet words and compliments, such as “baby”, “darling”, “handsome”. Which would increase the chances of being contacted by more than 100%. On the other hand, men will avoid this type of message, especially for a first approach.

Creating a profile on a dating site does not happen in two seconds, especially. If you are actively looking for a partner! You must take care of every aspect of your avatar to make other members want to contact you and find out more about you. It’s quite an art: the art of seduction transposed online!

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