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Are you unable to express your love? You cannot find the languages of love? Are you trying hard to get it but you can’t? Don’t worry. The solutions are very simple. It is true that everybody cannot express their love to their partner easily. But, there are different languages of love and relationship. These languages are not the same as English, Spanish, and Japanese, etc. These languages are quite different. There are mainly five languages of love. Following are the different languages of love:

1. Words of Affirmation:

This is the language of love to which people respond most but there are some people ChinaLove.com Reviews who like to hear job well done and I love you regularly. People of today’s world are very needy and they do not have high self-esteem. This is the very primary language of love. You can identify your partner by just putting a topic on him and you can read the mentality of that person through it.

2. Gifts:

There are some people who do not take it just as excited when they get any gift. Gifts are the thing which will come continuously. It is a mandatory thing in love on any occasion. They always come to your home. It can judge a person greatly. It is very important to understand if the person is showing a positive attitude or a negative attitude after receiving the gift. You can judge a person with it.

3. Quality Time:

If you love someone you will want to spend some time with your partner alone. You will want the full attention of your partner towards you. You will not prefer your partner answering on a mobile phone when you are spending some time with each other in a romantic place. This is also one of the different languages of love.

Different Languages of Love

4. Acts of Service: Languages of Love

If your partner brings the morning tea for you or makes breakfast for you then it might be the most pleasurable thing. You are married and you have a child then probably you will want your partner to take care of the child sometime. If you get it then you will feel good. Your partner can share the lunch break with you. These are some acts of service that are also one of the different languages of love.

5. Physical Touch:

This is the most important language of love. If you are in a relationship from then it is incomplete without physical touch. This is the easiest way to express your love. A simple physical touch can bring some extra feelings to your partner which is just like heaven. A simple handshake might be great in case of a relationship. This is the most primary form of love language. It comes to people automatically. There is no need for training for it.


The different languages of love are for everyone but, unfortunately, everybody cannot opt for all of these. If your love is strong then anyone from these can be great for you. You do not need all five that time. The main goal of the languages of love is making a strong relationship between you and your partner. It can be done anyway.

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